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Our Guiding Principles:

Customer first

Total commitment to satisfaction of needs and expectation of each customer and design of solutions that are tailored to particular problem and situation. Our ability to exceed customers’ expectations is critical to our overall success.

Integrity and confidentiality

Openness in communication with customers, protection of customer interests and their confidential information, as well as high ethics standards that are applied distinguish our business from competition.

Personal competence and teamwork

Combined knowledge and skills of members of our project team must correspond to the nature of contract and mode of operation of each particular customer. This requires that we continually improve technical and professional competence in all areas of our business. Innovative ideas leading to practical applications, grounded in credible knowledge and experience, are encouraged.

Time is critical

Detailed planning, follow-up and timely reporting to all interested parties is one of the critical aspects for project success.

Commitment to People

Success in achieving our vision and mission depends critically upon the people who work for and with us. An organizational culture must be maintained that encourages individuals to achieve their potential, values their contributions, and provides opportunities for improvement of personal skills and knowledge through training and education.

Effective use of advanced technologies

Modern business depends on information and communication technologies, and our solutions must support their effective use. We will make use of all technological improvements in order to remain on the leading edge on technology.

Effective Partnerships

We build our business through constructive and productive partnerships with a wide network of individual experts, foundations, corporations, government agencies and other interested parties, based on mutual benefit and trust. Realizing that success comes only through combined efforts and knowledge.

Our Values:


Determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Better quality of our services produces better value for our customers. Ability to exceed customers’ expectations is critical for our success.


Being honest, ethical, doing things right, having personal and professional consistency by treating all people fairly. Delivering on promises and taking personal responsibility for our actions.


Mutual respect and confidence in people. Trust encourages us to share information and new ideas through open and honest communication. Personal involvement and collaboration in a team environment.


Experiment with new ideas, learn from experience, share information and ideas.


Use freedom to act and contribute.


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Moscow 115035
Russian Federation
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